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Losing weight is not your life's purpose.

Do carbs make you fat?
Could the keto diet cure mental health disorders?
Are eggs as bad for you as smoking?

No, no and absolutely not. It's all what Dr Joshua Wolrich defines as 'nutribollocks' and he is on a mission to set the record straight.

As an NHS doctor with personal experience of how damaging diets can be, he believes every one of us deserves to have a happy, healthy relationship with food and with our bodies. His message is clear: we need to fight weight stigma, call out the lies of diet culture and give ourselves permission to eat all foods.

Food Isn't Medicine wades through nutritional science (both good and bad) to demystify the common diet myths that many of us believe without questioning. If you have ever wondered whether you should stop eating sugar, try fasting, juicing or 'alkaline water', or struggled through diet after diet (none of which seem to work), this book will be a powerful wake-up call. Drawing on the latest research and delivered with a dose of humour, it not only liberates us from the destructive belief that weight defines health but also explains how to spot the misinformation we are bombarded with every day.

Dr Joshua Wolrich will empower you to escape the diet trap and call out the bad health advice for what it really is: complete nutribollocks.

Body, Mind & Spirit
15 April
Ebury Publishing
The Random House Group Limited

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itsoktobeslow ,

Dispels All The Diet Fallacies With Truth and Science

It’s not a diet book but a book that dispels all the conspiracy theories of diet culture under the sun with science. It addresses issues of inequality, inequities, mental health, broken relationships with food, stigma around weight and much more. It’s very useful that the author understands not just biomedical science but also nutritional science. So he’s in a better position to explain in a succinct manner than a doctor who is not nutritionally trained. Food really is not medicine. Yes, food has the capacity to impact your health, but this book explains why believing weather vegan, Keto, no sugar, intermittent fasting or what have you don’t have the capacity to cure a disease or illness. Human health is complex. This book explains why food is food and medicine is medicine. Highly recommend if you want to empower yourself with knowledge to guard yourself against diet culture.