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Bethanie helps men realize their fantasies of being heroes in their own stories…for a price. She plays the damsel in distress, trapped in a dungeon, eagerly awaiting their rescue.

When three handsome black men appear with a scenario none of the girls wanted to play out, she is chosen. She plays the damsel, but the men aren't there to rescue her…

“Foursome” is the second standalone love story in “Dark Desires,” a series that is as dark as it is steamy.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"How was the guy?" she asked. She was rarely briefed about her knights. The manager claimed it kept things fresh for the customers but she knew part of it was to keep her in suspense. Keeping her in the dark made her surprise more genuine. Customers can't really tell if the surprise came from disappointment or joy, after all.

She drew in a deep breath and waited for him to answer. She had only been alone for two hours but it felt like an eternity. Her wrists and ankles ached from being chained up for so long. She wished they had installed hidden doors or something, so she didn't have to wait for so long.

"He was very strong," Stephen said. He guarded the room alongside several other guards and made it a challenge for their customers to get past. They had to make sure that the customers always won in the end. "We didn't even have to pretend to lose," he chuckled.

"Oh," she voiced, raking her head for the men they had interviewed so far. A bigger man then, she thought. There were a few of those that were due to arrive around this time of the year.

She had met with all of her knights prior to the games. It was important that they form an understanding, so they would know what was okay to do and what was not. She was quite a favorite as a prize for the game, not just for her more voluptuous body but because she was okay with a little pain. In fact, she welcomed it.

"Bethanie umm…" he cleared his throat. It crackled slightly in the system. "Do you think you're free to-"

Silence greeted her abruptly. Her heart quivered as she waited for him to continue. He was going to ask her out. Finally. She had been giving him all the right signals for months. She was starting to think that her job was the reason why he wanted to steer clear of her.

"Stephen?" she called out after a moment. There was no response. "Stephen?" she tried again.

The dim light from the corners of the room went off abruptly, warning her that the challenger was just a floor away now. She could hear the sound of things moving beneath her. Books and metal decorative items were being thrown to the floor. Underneath the desk was a box where a key was hidden. She jumped when she heard the sound of the desk being pushed to the floor. The man wasn't being quiet about what he was doing.

There was a book on the desk that detailed the reason why she was here. From then, it was an easy matter to get to the secret door to reach her.

Not for the first time since she started working there, she wished she had a way of seeing the man before he arrived.

She heard the sound of the key going into the lock and waited with batted breath for the door to open.

Now she knew why the manager had been grinning when she saw her this morning. He was a beast. The giant of a man was capable of filling the entire door. He was wearing a simple loincloth and it clung dangerously loosely at his hips.

She gulped and lowered her gaze to the wooden floor. She remembered him…

Fiction & Literature
6 July
Boruma Publishing
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