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The following, unofficial Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain game guide is intended to help understand the basics of gameplay, as well as with the completion of the first major chapter of the main plot. In the early pages of this guides, there are numerous chapters containing various tips & tricks, which should be especially helpful to those who are beginning their journey with the Metal Gear Solid franchise. These tips are associated with topics such as the exploration of the game world, carrying out tasks while remaining hidden, eliminating enemies through direct confrontation, relying on the assistance of your teammates, or the completion of received missions. A relatively similar chapter is the one with the frequently asked questions (FAQ). It contains answers to numerous topics, such as rapid acquisition of money, as well as how to spend that money reasonably, fultoning (sending people, as well as objects away via a balloon), or how to acquire the highest ranks in missions. The most space in the guide is devoted to walkthroughs to all the fifty missions from main camapaign. These are missions 1-31 from the first chapter - main story missions and 32-50 from the second chapter (new missions and modified old ones). Each mission was dissected into parts, which will allow you to easily access the descriptions of all tasks within each mission, tips & tricks concerning the proper preparation, or detailed description of each step required for their completion. The whole guide is complemented by numerous screenshots and maps from within the missions itself, making the task of getting to key locations, as well as finding the routes to move around the map a lot easier.

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2 November
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