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Accolades for Genesis:

"Mr. Christensen has done it again.....he's delivered a very good read"

"This book completes The Exodus Trilogy and does it a great fashion"

"I have been reading science fiction since the 1950's this rates with some of the best"

On Aurora, a people divided braces for the final confrontation.

Aurora, the final destination of the starship Exodus, has become the scene of a deadly struggle between opposing forces, ready to fight with any means available. The rebels have found a leader in former Harvard Professor Kenneth Taylor, who with the help of former scramjet pilot Tina Hammer, has vowed to fight the injustices of the past and regain lost liberties.

Governor George Havelar once had a plan for Aurora, but the rebels are now threatening its unraveling. As he rallies his forces to move against the rebels, events take a surprising turn, and he is forced to reconsider his options. Meanwhile, Thomas Dunn is fighting a guerrilla war in the hills and forests, and so far, the rebels have kept the enemy at bay. As winter draws to a close, an overwhelming force is coming north to end the war once and for all. But everything changes when the enemy's attack turns to frantic retreat.

Benjamin Waters, once a boy soldier caught up in the turmoil of rebellion, has found himself developing amazing abilities, but the ghosts of his past are slowly creeping up on him. Will he find redemption, or will he lose himself to the parasite infesting his very soul?

When Maria Solis is searching for a way to expand further north, she makes a discovery that changes everything. But little does she know that the answer to an even greater mystery, which has eluded sages and scientists for thousands of years, will soon be revealed.

It is time for the explosive conclusion to the saga that began with the appearance of a rogue planet threatening humanity's existence. Will this be the final chapter of humans on Aurora, or a new beginning?

"Genesis was a completely satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. Alas, it left me wanting more of Aurora"

"I only give 5 stars to books that are truly transformational, this series comes close"

The Exodus Trilogy: 
1. EXODUS (2012) 
2. AURORA (2013) 
3. GENESIS (2014) 

Also related: 
ALIVE, an Exodus companion novella (2013)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
29 June
Andreas Christensen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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