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Ghosts of Tokyo is an adventure set in the Tokyo underbelly.

Deep beneath the streets of Tokyo, in a long forgotten labyrinth, there lurks an evil that could change the world as we know it.

The boy was just one year old when he was kidnapped and, along with four other boys, whisked away to a life of scientific experimentation in a fortress laboratory below the streets of Tokyo. There, Tetsuya Hiroko, a driven scientist, and his henchman Grok, a man whose conscience stops where the money begins, have assembled a team with the purpose of challenging the apparently immutable laws of the universe.

The musician arrives in Tokyo a jaded, travel-weary man. His passion for music has cost him his first marriage and he is on the verge of quitting after one bad tour too many, but on this trip things finally seem to be coming together for him. His following in Japan has grown exponentially since his last visit. Yuka Sasaki, a reporter from northern Honshu comes to Tokyo to interview the musician and soon discovers her interest in him is moving from a professional to a personal level. The musician finds himself falling head over heels in love with her, but is distracted and unnerved by a number of strange and disturbing dreams involving a Tokyo rentboy with haunted eyes. Then, one day, outside Shinjuku Station he finds himself face to face with the boy from his nightmares. This chance meeting sets off a series of events that leave the musician questioning his own sanity and the reader turning the page for more.

Now the scene is set for an adventure that spans more than fifty years and takes us all over the world and back as the mystery of the boy and musician unfolds.

Readers of Kurt Vonnegut and Haruki Murakami will love this book.

What readers are saying...

‘Multi layered and intriguing, you get wrapped up in a dark plot that explores reality and your place within it. Ghosts of Tokyo is a fast paced, page-turning read with an end I just didn’t see coming.’
Eleanor Coombe, best selling children’s author
& author of the adult fiction ‘Dragon’s Pearl’

‘Loved this book, just wanted to keep reading to see how it ended, but when it ended I didn’t want it to.’

‘Had me hooked, start to finish... with a big unexpected ending. Can’t wait for the movie. Don’t miss this one!’
L. Perriman

‘Leaves you wanting more. Hands down the best book I've read in years.
When does the movie come out?’

‘An engaging mystery - Ghosts had me turning pages late into the night.
An impressively strong debut from Christopher Smith, he is one to watch!’
zane@neonwinter. Author of ‘Nadir’

‘Ghosts drew me in deep – I eagerly wandered the tunnels under Tokyo trying to unravel the mystery…’
J. Dudley

Crime & Thrillers
8 January
Christopher J. Smith
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