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Six haunted tales from the author of THE HAUNTING OF SAM CABOT and THE LOST VILLAGE.

The Fear ~ Mich Redlon is struggling to understand the horrific visions of brutal murder that plagued him as a child and have now resumed after years of reprieve. And the bent little creature from his nightmares is back, egging him on to unspeakable acts of brutality. Mitch knows he’s not capable of murder. So who’s responsible? He sets himself to the task of finding the truth even as THE FEAR threatens to destroy him.

The Resurrection Pit ~ In the quiet little town of Somerville the dead don’t go away like everywhere else. In fact they all come back. When Christian’s little brother disappears he’s determined to find him. His quest leads him to that terrible place in the woods behind Doggett’s farm where the dead are buried and only half brought back to life, the place known as the RESURRECTION PIT.

The Nest ~ In the town of River Landing children are disappearing from their cribs and the FBI is looking for a deranged lunatic. Alden thinks it has something to do with THE NEST that sits atop the giant white pine tree on the island across the river.

Darkness ~ Ever wonder what it would be like to live the same terrifying nightmare over and over again forever? Jack knows. He is lost in a lost world where rationality has taken a permanent vacation and he’s being haunted by a DARKNESS beyond all comprehension.

Room Number 9 ~ How many women did John Lennon bed in his lifetime? Does he still exist in a strange time warp where women are forced into his company by invisible men who drive skewed automobiles? Deb Stiles thinks so but she also believes that her soul is in jeopardy. She tells reporter Rick Sanchez about the strange East End Hotel known as Strawberry Fields and of the room with the number 9 on the door. Rick Sanchez doesn't know it but he's in for the ride of his life.
A story with a twist you won't see coming.

The Holocaust Opera ~ A brilliant young composer believes he has found the secret to creating music that can physically alter those who come under its influence. Singer Roxanne Templeton is mesmerized by Jeremiah's rare gift and is drawn to his dark purpose until she discovers the truth. There is something complex and evil hiding inside the compositions, waiting to strike. Time is running out as Roxanne and Jeremiah fight to save their souls, and perhaps the very soul of mankind, from the clutches of extinction.
With an introduction by Bram Stoker Award Winning Editor Vince A. Liaguno.

Fiction & Literature
5 June
Mark Edward Hall
Draft2Digital, LLC

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