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Welcome to Charm Cove, Maine – where the Good are Wicked, and the Wicked are Good… or maybe not.

Moira Wicked is back home for good, no pun intended. She’s settling in to help run Persnickety Potions & Gifts, her family’s store. Even though she’s loath to admit it, she’s a bit relieved to be home. Here in Charm Cove, there’s nothing unusual about the last name Wicked and it’s more uncommon to encounter someone who isn’t a witch, rather than the other way around.

Just when Moira thinks life might be quieting down, there’s a spate of burglaries around town. It’s no accident that the homes and businesses being targeted belong to witches. Once again, the oh-so-charming Charm Cove is all atwitter. Amidst the undercover investigation, tourists are still crowding the streets, seeking the, ahem, magic and charm of the little town. 

Moira is smack in the middle of sleuthing out what happened, seeing as Persnickety Potions & Gifts was one of the burglar’s targets. As if she didn’t already have enough going on trying to hold her nosy family at bay. 

There’s still that pesky destiny she’s supposed to fulfill—specifically by marrying Liam Good. She might be on the way to falling in love with Liam, but she’s not so sure about marriage yet. A Wicked is fated to fall in love with a Good once every century. No pressure or anything. 

Take a visit to Charm Cove, where Wicked meets Good and where you just might find there’s almost always more than meets the eye.

Crime & Thrillers
9 October
Lucy May
Frisky Fox Publishing Inc.

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