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Usually my meek husband and I frequented a seedy little bar where couples could go to have fun. The harmless flirting and teasing really drove my husband crazy! He loved watching other men admire his beautiful wife. Little did I know that tonight everything was about to change, tonight we were bringing home a real handsome stud—and lucky for him I’m fertile!

My husband had never intended to bring one of the men home with us. Then, one night, something changed. Looking back, I suppose my husband simply couldn’t resist the way this handsome stud scrutinized me like a bitch in heat. God, that look really did say it all. My silky lingerie was soaked just from the thought of taking him to bed!

I guess that’s ultimately how we ended up taking him home with us. After so much teasing maybe the three of us just couldn’t resist.

As we made our way into the living room, the man wasted no time in taking control of the situation. My husband seemed to understand his place even then, as he settled down into a chair to watch this stud take full advantage of me. And God, his cock looked absolutely massive!

“Come over here, slut.” The man’s voice filled the room making the warmth between my legs turn into a liquid fire.

“Slut? It’s not… I’m not like that. I’ve never done this—” I tried to argue with him, all in the interest in preserve some shred of dignity for my husband who remained in the room fascinated by what he was seeing.

“I know. I’ve watched you at the bar, you and your husband. You’ve wanted this for a while. Now, get over here you little slut!”

“Y-yes, Sir.” Without looking at my husband, I sunk down to the hardwood floor in slight humiliation. Somehow I felt compelled to crawl over to him, coming to rest at his feet on all fours. For years I’d resisted the impulses to have a real man dominating me. But now, I suddenly felt an immense pleasure.

Fiction & Literature
10 March
Lot's Cave, Inc.
Draft2Digital, LLC

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