HypnoBirthing: An Introductory Guide

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With all of the modern conveniences that we have today, a lot of women are not willing to go through the natural process of giving birth as there are alternatives to it. “Hypnobirthing: An Introductory Guide” is a reminder that the process of natural childbirth can be extremely rewarding and that it does not have to be a stressful, heartrending experience. As more and more persons are taking things back to basics, hypnobirthing is making a comeback. It has become the way the many mothers want to bring their young one into the world. It takes a lot of pre-preparation but, at the end of it all, it is a wonderful experience.

This beautiful process helps you alleviate the fear and trauma that can sometimes accompany the process of birth. This guide will help you better understand what Hypnobirthing is all about so that you can ultimately make an informed decision as to whether Hypnobirthing is right for you. this book avoids any sort of complicated views and it is just simply 'neat and clean' approach, ready for anyone with sincere interest.

Hypnobirthing is based on the idea that birthing does not necessarily need to be a painful process. It allows the mother to be properly relaxed and well prepared. Hypnobirthing is a completely natural process - one that you already have access to. Hypnobirthing allows you to use what is known as the Reticular Activating System, which is a cluster of nerve cells found deep in the brainstem. It has many roles, including the control of essential functions such as breathing and the daily rhythms of the body.

Filled with valuable tips and tools, this guide will help you better understand how the process of Hypnobirthing works. In our society it is quite difficult to escape the social conditioning that typically surrounds childbirth. Much of the time childbirth is either portrayed as a trauma or a comedy depending on the movies or television shows you watch. What is not portrayed is the experience of how beautiful and natural childbirth can be.

The techniques learned in Hypnobirthing can help you in many areas of life, because they help you tap into your body's natural healing abilities.

Starting with a brief introduction to Hypnobirthing, this guide will also provide you with a short history of childbirth and help you understand how hypnosis plays a role in this most important event in your life.

From empowering yourself through the proper use of language to practicing visual, auditory and kinesthetic techniques, Hypnobirthing allows you to take back control. It allows you to be truly involved in your baby's birth, as opposed to letting the fear of the unknown take over. Filled with lovely affirmations and a beautiful Fear Release Meditation, this guide to Hypnobirthing has everything you need to decide if Hypnobirthing is right for you. With this informed consent, you can then make the right choice for you. We wish you the best of luck, in whatever birthing experience you choose.

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15 February
Ashley Scott
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