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I didn’t know that I was supposed to be looking for Jesus. Apparently, the Son of God Almighty decided that it was time to introduce himself to a young boy at the tender age of twelve. However, his brain had not even completely developed. In hindsight, he thought God Almighty had set him up because a man of God named Dale Bishop came to his school, offering summer camp, and as he lived in the hood, summer camp was just something . . . what’s the word . . . demonically just kept out of reach. He would only see images on TV or in the movies, minibikes, horses, canoes, and campfires, because once he showed up excitedly to sign up to go to camp, the white man had sprung Jesus on them, as if it was some last-minute precondition to go to summer camp. However, unknown to him, some things are just too wonderful for mere men to understand. God himself showed and told him in a dream, in a moment of time, all the ways that he could please him. And it was more than the number of stars! Even grown up, hardened criminals run from God with even the slightest proposal of us being decent and upright, and of course, a child can’t handle that spiritual reality. But it was a perfect match made in heaven, because the first moment that Tony heard the story of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection—in hindsight, after so long a time of associating Jesus, the Son of God, with Christmas toys, he hadn’t even read the Bible—instantly his entire being was saturated, infused with the knowledge that this Jesus loved him with a love that was so past this understanding, a love that was totally complete. Excitedly, and armed with this incredible knowledge, he set out to tell everyone he knew or saw of this great love that Jesus has for us. But not understanding what he was truly up against, no one wanted to hear it then. A lot of the people don’t want to hear it now. But the only thing that’s different now is that he doesn’t give a damn what they want to hear! But with an undeveloped brain, he freaked out, knowing that he’d never signed up for the moment that Satan had come with God and introduced himself, a being he’d associated with Halloween and candy, and in that moment, everything changed. A supernatural, living fear had gripped his heart, and of course, he stopped talking about Jesus, because people didn’t want to hear about him anyway. But the more he ran, the more the powerful and up-and-very-personal-in-your-face supernatural events engulfed his entire being, until he had even become afraid a lot of times to go to sleep. However, after each supernatural encounter, unknown to him, Jesus filled in the blanks for him just to save him and set him free. While others stood around, posturing, looking all self-dignified, trying to feel or search for God in the holy Scriptures, he ran. But after each divine chastisement, he quickly realized that what God Almighty wanted him to do far outweighed what he wanted to do. “Keep my commandments, and live” (Prov. 7:2).

Body, Mind & Spirit
11 December
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