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NICK PERITO has accompanied, arranged, composed and conducted for many of the worlds most famous singers and entertainers. His career in television has earned him twelve Emmy nominations. This book offers an affectionate glimpse of his upbringing as the son of Italian immigrants and recounts his successful career in the colorful and unpredictable world of show business.

I NEVER THOUGHT I could get up in front of an audience and just sing my favorite songs and even make it into a one-woman show. It was Nicks idea and he was relentless in insisting that I do it. God will get him for that!
Bea Arthur

I ADORE THE work of Nick Perito because it is an extension of the warmth, humor and charm of the man. He has made a tremendous contribution to the preservation of great music and continues to create fresh and essential sounds for our time. Bravo, Nick!
Michael Feinstein

SOMETIMES WHEN Im listening to a Perry Como recording and I hear Nick Perito playing so beautifully behind him, it brings me to a sweeter time in my life. All those great songs and arrangements. Recently I had the good fortune to have Nick as my conductor and what a treat. I almost stopped the show just to watch him play. What a life he has led! Sometimes its just the quiet guy behind the piano who has the best stories to tell. Nick is one of them. Youll love his book.
Regis Philbin

NICK PERITO NOT only just happened to be there, he was a vibrant and active participant in the glory days of American popular music. For those interested in the music and personalities of this marvelous era, I cannot recommend this book more highly.
Patrick Williams

NICK IS A great arranger, a wonderful musician, a dear friendand he can write, too.
Linda Hope

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