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Have “We the People” of the United States become the most manipulated people in the world? Do our Government, Mass Media, and Education System teach us a revised history that causes us to believe the scenarios of U.S. history they want us to believe?  Whether by omission or directly using lies or revised history have “We the People” lost the true depth and meaning of History as it actually happen? Are we now believing the false narratives we have been told all our lives? Do we no longer understand the sacrifices made by the Founding Fathers and the many who have died for our freedom throughout the history of these United States of America?  Can we actually tell the true story and have it told to all the People or will the Government, Mass Media and our Education System refuse to broadcast or teach it? Are we being taught or indoctrinated? Are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness no more real than Santa Claus? Are those in Government buying Elections by Government give away programs? Or are those in Government winning elections by allowing “free benefits” to illegal residents? Is Government creating right for some people and neglecting those of other people? If the Government is the one creating “rights” is it true they can also take away our “rights”? Are “We the People” going to listen to a Government that lies, cheats and steals our “Rights” away? Are “We the People” going to listen to someone in Government, the Media, or Academia telling us what the Founding Fathers meant by what they said or are “We the People”, smart enough to read it and understand the meaning for ourselves? 

Does the Constitution say, “We the People” are to be the sovereign power of these United States? 

If so, is it the Government who is in rebellion and not the “We the People”?

16 November
Xulon Press
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