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I tried to stop. I knew it wasn’t right. The abilities that the aliens had left me with gave me an almost supernatural ability to pick up women. There really wasn’t a human female born who could resist me. And then of course, there was the hundred percent fertility hit rate. No matter how fertile she may be or where she was on her cycle, when my sperm hit her womb, the lucky girl was guaranteed a bouncing baby ten months later.

I’d actually managed to abstain from the pleasures of female flesh for a whole three weeks when I literally ran into Lauren at the supermarket. My gift such as it was, worked in a number of stages. Just being in the same room as her was enough for any woman to ignore everything else going on around her and focus on me. Getting into her personal space would ensure her complete compliance but touching, skin on skin, drove her wild.

I had Lauren and then followed her home. Imagine my surprise to discover she was a vicar’s wife, and what’s more, she was hosting a Church committee that day. The room was full of juicy, uptight women. A feast for a man with my talents!


I held her chin with my other hand and kissed her quickly but provocatively, ensuring she felt some tongue. Then I turned to Lauren. “Would you like to undress her for me, my dear?”

“Yes!” The vicar’s wife replied.

“Good girl! Have a good feel as you go. Make her feel good!” Then I moved to the next in line.

It was the Goth. “And what’s your favourite position, my dear?” I asked her, as I looked her up and down. Also, big titted, she was short and quite stocky but not without her charms.

“On top of my wife,” she answered arrogantly and made me laugh.

“You’re a lesbian,” I confirmed and noted she also had a wedding ring on. “What are you called?”


“Ever been with a man, Ally?”

“No! Never felt the need!”

“And now?” I felt her tit in the same way I’d groped Sally.

“Now’s different!”

“Oh? I moved my hand to the crotch of her trousers and rubbed between her legs, feeling the heat. “Would you like me to fuck you too?”

“Oh yes!”

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2 December
Erotic Dreams
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