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Rookie Instincts - Carol Ericson

TCD team member Aria Calletti is determined to find out why women are turning up dead. The newest victim’s half brother, Grayson Rhodes, has sacrificed everything to find his half sister and her son. But can a civilian and a new agent take down a drug kingpin?

Texas Target - Barb Han

After bailing Summer Grayson, his ex-wife’s identical sister, out of jail, US marshal Dawson O’Connor agrees to help Summer, who is convinced her twin is in danger. He’ll do anything to protect her, even as she ups the stakes by posing as her missing sibling.

Dangerous Knowledge - Julie Anne Lindsey

After investigative journalist Katlin Andrews is run off the road, she awakens with Fortress Defense bodyguard Jack Hale in her hospital room. He promised to protect his best friend’s sister. With Katlin unable to recall who’s after her, he’ll have to use all his skills to stop an unseen threat.

Close Range Christmas - Nicole Helm

Dev Wyatt’s worst fear has come true. Someone from the Wyatts’ dangerous past is stalking his family — and his best friend, Sarah Knight, who is pregnant with his child. As Sarah and Dev battle escalating threats, will they survive long enough to become a family?

Investigation In Black Canyon - Cindi Myers

After Cara Mead’s boss disappears on a hike, Cara enlists the help of Ranger Brigade officer Jason Beck. But once the manhunt is set in motion, Jason and Cara find themselves embroiled in a fearsome conspiracy — and someone will do anything to keep them from finding out the truth.

High-Priority Asset - Juno Rushdan

When US marshal Dutch Haas enters Isabel Vargas’s life to get information on her uncle, he knows she’ll become his partner instead of his mark. With threats stacking up, will Isabel and Dutch be able to stop Isabel’s past from catching up with her before it is too late?
Mills & Boon Intrigue — Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.

1 November
Mills & Boon Intrigue
HarperCollins Publisher Australia Pty Limited

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