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She could cost him his reputation, his career—possibly even his freedom…

…so, why can't FBI Agent Richard Fields stop thinking about her?

FBI Agent Richard Fields once made the biggest mistake of his life. 

While working undercover in Ft. Sunshine, Florida, he crossed the one, unforgivable line— and embarked on a love affair with his suspect, Dr. Joy Clayton.

Now, six months after their split,all that's behind him— or so he thinks. Richard's living in New York City, on the brink of a career breakthrough. He wants nothing to do with the woman he's convinced played with his heart.  So, why can't he stop thinking about her?

All Dr. Joy Clayton wants is to move on...

…To forget all about her clandestine romance with Richard Fields. He made her heart swoon and her mind soar, but now she knows for sure he was playing with her. After sweeping into her life under an assumed name and with a fake identity, she should have known heartbreak would be inevitable. 

But when Richard's murder investigation brings him back to Ft. Sunshine, it's equally inevitable that their paths would cross again. 

Joy's spent her life living by the rules—yet that still failed to keep her safe, or bring her love. To find a way forward, Ms. Play-It-Safe might have to take a daring leap of faith.

Richard knows Joy holds the key to his investigation— and also his heart. If he allows himself to get close to her again, it could cost him everything— but if there was ever anyone he'd make that sacrifice for, it would be Just for Joy.

Just for Joy: Beyond Achievement is a stand-alone crossover between D. Pichardo-Johansson's sweet and spicy Sunshine State series, and smart and cerebral Beyond Romance. No Cliffhangers.

Fans will love the piquant blend of heartwarming romance, nail-biting suspense, and splashes of comedy; all served with a guaranteed happily-ever-after at the end of it. 

About the Sunshine State Series (Contemporary Romance):

These stories are sprinkled with laughter; tear-jerking moments; uplifting, inspirational messages; and an occasional medical fact. They don't contain explicit sex scenes, but they do pack enough heat and irreverent humor that they might make the reader of Clean and Sweet Romance blush.

About the Beyond Romance Series (Romantic Suspense/Mystery):

The books can be read out of order without major spoilers. They follow the theme of the "crime with a negative autopsy" and deliver a higher dose of true medical facts and thought-provoking messages.

Sunshine State Series:
Book 1: Hope for Harmony: Baby Makers vs. Peter PansBook 2: Just for Joy: Beyond AchievementBook 3: Faith is Fearless: Normal is OverratedBook 4: Grasping for Grace: Never Grow UpBook 5: Longing for Love: A Funny, Sweet and Sexy Romance with a Medical Twist
Beyond Romance Series:
Prequel/Book 0.5: Beyond Physical: A Mystery RomanceBook 1: Beyond Light and Darkness: A Romantic Suspense with a Medical TwistBook 2: Just for Joy: Beyond AchievementBook 3: Beyond Doubt (Coming Soon)

30 May
D Pichardo-Johansson
Draft2Digital, LLC