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In this eBook, we will deal with the subject of karma, and the causes behind disease and rebirth. The reason why karma is difficult to understand for us in the West is because an understanding of it involves the concept of our totality.
To the Westerner, our human totality is still a mystery. We don’t generally know much about ourselves except for a few facts about our physical body, and therefore to understand karma, which stems from our totality, is just about an impossibility for us.
It is almost impossible to understand karma without understanding that we are linked to and respond to the universe. We are linked by an invisible continuum to the universe and we respond to it. Each of us is like a small cog in an immense clockwork mechanism, and the clockwork is made up of great big cogs, the great big wheels of the galaxies, turning, turning, turning. Our own Milky Way rotates once every two hundred million years and we are rotating around Sirius once every twenty-five thousand years.
So we have to stretch our minds a little before we can understand the laws of the universe, for this is what karma is, one of the laws of the universe, not pertaining to our planet only.
I spent seven years in medical school studying the physical body, and heaven knows it is complex enough. Science thinks we are complex with an age of three million years. But mankind is far more complex than anything science can credit and much older than three million years. In fact, mankind is older than three billion years.
The part of us that science is examining, our physical body only came into being on this planet seventy million years ago. But humans existed in non-physical vehicles for billions of years before that.

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24 June
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