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New Year At The Boss's Bidding - Rachael Thomas

Jilted bride Tilly Rogers hopes her luck is changing when she's offered a prestigious catering contract for billionaire Xavier Moretti's New Year's Eve party... until she ends up snowbound and alone at her boss's bidding!

It's the end of the year and the end of Tilly's contract, which leaves Xavier free to seduce her at his will! Hardly shy of a challenge, the notorious playboy makes it his resolution to have Tilly crumbling under his experienced touch before the snow settles!

Slow Dance With The Best Man - Sophie Pembroke

Shy Eloise Miller has hidden from attention since her mother's scandalous affairs destroyed her family. So having to act as Maid of Honour in a glitzy celebrity wedding is her worst nightmare!

Under the glare of the world's media, she's paired with best man Noah Cross. On paper, this commitment-phobic Hollywood heartthrob is everything Eloise avoids. But soon he's unlocking Eloise's secret hopes and tempting her to believe that her dreams of forever might come true...

The Greek Doctor's New-Year Baby - Kate Hardy

Madison Gregory's temporary new boss, obstetric consultant Theo Petrakis, has everything – gorgeous body, gorgeous mind, gorgeous heart. There's just one problem: he's vowed never to marry or have children. However much he wants Madison, he knows it wouldn't be right to have a relationship with her when he can't fulfil her dreams.

Yet Theo's behaviour just doesn't add up. He acts as if he loves her, he just doesn't say it, and he adores kids, so why doesn't he want any of his own? Then, just as Madison discovers the reason, she also discovers she is pregnant with his child...

1 January
Mills & Boon Special Release
HarperCollins Publisher Australia Pty Limited

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