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Lucia Jordan is proud to release a new outstanding collection containing four of her Bestselling Series. This collection includes: Fearless, Collision, Seduce & Unleashed.


Sasha works as the wardrobe technician at club Expose. She leads a pretty quiet existence there, mostly keeping herself behind the scenes in the wardrobe room. She shows up to work one night expecting it to be just another night, with Brandon, one of the house dominants, starring in the evening’s show. To her surprise, though, a mysteriously masked dominant shows up in the wardrobe room, looking to prepare for his show. It doesn’t take long for her to realize who he is: her former lover, Daniel.

Daniel is a legend on the club circuit. He’s known to be one of the best in the business, but a few months ago he disappeared without so much as a word, not even to his ex-lover Sasha. Ever since, she’s been heartbroken. Now that he’s back, she wants nothing more than for him to perform and leave. 

Daniel returns to the stage to much applause and excitement, as everyone expected. But is that all Daniel’s come back for? Will Sasha bring herself to watch his performance? 

And what will happen after an intense encounter between Sasha and her former dominant?


Jennifer’s life leaves much to be desired. She’s career driven and absolutely married to her job, though it’s no matter—her situation seems to be going fine for her. She has no complaints, but maybe she just doesn’t know what she’s missing out on. No less, in the hope of finding some much needed time away from work, she decides to take a weekend trip to nearby Las Vegas.

On the flight out from Los Angeles, Jennifer finds herself sitting next to an indomitably handsome man—Thomas. She can’t help but drift off into reveries about him, even though she doesn’t even know his name yet. Jennifer believes that’s as far as things will go, but to her surprise, she finds herself engaged in a friendly chat with Thomas that quickly leads to a dinner invitation out on the Vegas strip, which, of course, leads to much more. The feelings of attraction are mutual and neither has any intention of playing coy.

As the weekend draws to a close, Jennifer finds herself comforted by the fact that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But will Jennifer’s weekend fling simmer over into much more? Will Thomas’ skills in the bedroom leave Jennifer hooked on, and even a little tied up, by what he has to offer? And is it true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?


Secret Garden antique shop is Felicity’s dream, her job, and her social life all in one. The antique store, inherited from Fe’s beloved grandfather, has taken up all of her time and energy for the past six years. Dating or no dating, as far as Fe is concerned, life is perfect. Or it would be, if she could make rent every month. 

Enter Gavin Lachlan, the moody mystery who just might be the answer to Fe's problems. Gavin is a man with more secrets than options. He has a maddening wit and refuses to explain the seemingly constant stream of beautiful women slipping in and out of his rooms—what of it? Why else would he agree to rent out a tiny bedroom above a failing store from a fiery redhead who would sooner slap him than smile at him? But there’s just something about Felicity Moore, an achingly sweet compliance beneath the temper, that Gavin can’t ignore… Except he soon realizes that it’s not just her submission that he wants. 

Before long, Fe and Gavin are locked in a battle of will and desire, and Fe can’t help but wonder if the only way to win… is to give in.


Twelve years after graduation, Violet is an assistant to a woman who steals her ideas and takes credit for her work. She is living in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona where everything moves at a snail’s pace. And her serious man? He just dumped her with no explanation. 

Frustrated and bitter, Violet is surprised when she meets up with Mason Carver, an old high school sweetheart. She is immediately impressed with his fully grown and matured good looks. She is equally impressed knowing that he is a successful writer who has had a string of bestselling adventure novels. And is he married? No, he’s free.

But, she doesn’t expect the freewheeling, adventurer from college. And she’s not sure she can take him any more seriously than she did then. Is she ready to date just to have fun? Is the intense attraction and amazing sex enough to make a commitment? Or is Mason just a bridge to the next man who is more in line with her life plan?

28 September
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

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