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Lucia Jordan is proud to release a new outstanding collection containing four of her Bestselling Series. 


When her past threatens to consume her, Amelia Quinn unknowingly runs straight into the arms of security…but at the dangerous cost of her heart. 

After fleeing the chains of her past, Amelia finds a new home in Ashland, Oregon. With the help of her extraverted cousin, Karen, Amelia hopes to wash away the old and start anew. But when Karen drags Amelia to a ritzy art show, her new life takes an interesting and unexpected turn. While admiring a particularly evocative portrait, she crosses paths with Joseph Lane, a local art collector who sparks her interest with his unique view on the pieces. Mr. Lane is a mysterious man, dark and handsome, and he arouses something deep inside of Amelia. 

Joseph Lane has a history of getting what he wants, whether that includes art or women. But something inside of him comes to a halt when he is faced with the quiet fire that is Amelia. She has insight and knowledge of artwork, and he is certain that she would make an excellent candidate for his next project. When a night of pure intrigue brings them together, it is only a matter of time before fate arrives and wraps them in its storm… 

The Playboy

Can Ashlyn learn to give up control and just let lust…and maybe even love…take over?

Ashlyn Cane is the ambitious and strong-willed CEO of Amass Energy, with her focus squarely on her career’s future. Her hard work and take-charge sensibility is what got her to where she is today, demanding nothing but the best from her employees. But when Ashlyn begins the search for a new P.A., she meets a brazen but dangerously seductive male assistant who begins to challenge everything she thought she knew about herself. Lance Matthews is perfect for the job. Not only is she drawn in deep by his irresistible magnetism, Luke knows exactly what Ashlyn really needs, even if she doesn’t. And what Ashlyn really needs is to be shown that life’s a lot more fun – and pleasurable – when she’s completely relinquished control … 


Rachel has the urge to be bad—very, very bad—and Jesse James is just the one to show her how. 

Rachel Brown’s life is perfect just the way it is. Sure, she doesn’t have a boyfriend or a social life, but she has a routine and that is all that matters. Rachel’s loud and rather exuberant roommate, Layla, often comments on how boring Rachel’s life is, but Rachel doesn’t see it that way. At least, she didn’t until the night Jesse James walked into her Laundromat, and her life. Yeah, she thinks the name is absurd and his parents had a very cruel sense of humor. But the dark and simmering look in his eyes makes her body hum with excitement from the moment she first sees him. This Jesse James is not from the old west – he is dangerously seductive and irresistibly tempting. Suddenly, the safe little bubble that Rachel has built around herself bursts as she throws all caution to the wind. But is Jesse more trouble than she can handle? 


Their undeniable chemistry is electric, but is fate trying to keep them apart?

When Marianna Reeves takes her hot red sports car for a Hill Country drive around Three Sisters, she doesn’t expect to meet insanely hot Yale Zachary, driving the same car in black. Both Marianna and Yale are attracted to fast cars, lustful desires, and each other. It doesn’t take long before things start heating up between the two as they’re both driven to new heights of sensual bliss. But temptations are rife... 

Yale has women throwing themselves at him from all directions and his body is finding it hard to resist. Meanwhile, Marianna’s ex is back on the scene, desperate to win her back. Will Yale be able to resist the sirens trying to seduce him? Will Marianna be able to say no to her ex? Will they find a way to be together again? 

Only mature readers should download this book.

Fiction & Literature
10 September
Vasko Pty Ltd

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