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Madonna has shown herself during the years in new, different and provocative ways. She's the master of creating new styles and shining in different ways. If you have to describe her in just few words would be: Megastar. Lover. Mother. Opportunist. Chameleon. Role model. However, the common theme and strategy in her appearances is sex. That's the main drive she uses to get attention in the music industry. Madonna believes that everything in the world is centred around sex in one form or another and that's what she does with her music.

Throughout her life, Madonna was not always rich and famous. In fact, in some interviews she shared how she was homeless, searching through trash cans for food and sleeping on other people's couches. No matter how bad her life was, she worked hard on her music every day. The message Madonna is trying convey with her music is that you can be sexy and successful at the same time, and instead of being punished, you can be rewarded for it.

In this biography, you'll learn more about Madonna's personal and professional life. How she handled relationships? How she got involved in the music industry? How Madonna was able to get acting auditions and become extremely successful? The truth is, nobody does better what she can do.

There are are a lot of controversies related to religion, sex in her work. A lot of people got offended and angry at Madonna for pushing and creating different status quo, questioning norms, certain aspects of religions, and more. In this biography, we'll also discuss some of those controversies into some detail and how they shaped the music industry.

You'll also learn how Madonna changed as a person over the years and it what way this affected her music, genre and appearances. Are you ready to get into the Madonna's realm of seduction, mystery and sex?

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23 December
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