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Melanie, Dana, and Vicky were never destined to be friends, but a force they never imagined may bring their fates together and give new meaning to re-writing their lives.

Melanie had always been the nerd, but not at all the typical unattractive nerd with big glasses. She was merely a loner who focused purely on her studies and had a strangely unique fascination with all things academic. She studied hard, got top grades, and had been away at college on a full scholarship when a visit home resulted in her mother suggesting she participate in the Higgins High charity collection event.

Dana was always the popular pretty girl, but she was the worst kind in that she very well knew how pretty she was and often dressed just slutty enough to take advantage of it. Through high school she had been the queen at every dance, the face of popularity, the girl most guys wanted, even some of the teachers, and the girl every other girl secretly hated. And of the three students who return to help out, Dana is the only one who is not there by choice, a required community service for a shoplifting incident with some makeup.

Vicky had always been the wallflower in high school. She was the girl no one noticed, no one remembered, even if she was at every game and most parties. Vicky was a pretty girl, but not too pretty, a name others knew but not one they could put a face to. She's generally been the peacemaker and may find that task impossible when the bitchy Dana starts complaining and getting angry at the promising brilliant coed Melanie.

At this community collection event, boxes of donated goods have been stacked throughout the school, and with the limited numbers of volunteers, teachers, students, everyone can feel free to spread out, working to take one item from each stacked box and place it in a large bag to be given out to those less fortunate in the community.

It's shortly after they have started pulling out items and packing them at a lonely table in the old library that attempts at small talk reveal why these three never got along back in the day. Dana starts by being her bitchy self, complaining, calling the others names, and generally reminding Melanie why she doesn't miss this old high school or any of the memories of going there. But what begins as unfriendly banter among diverse girls quickly takes an unexpected turn when Dana opens a pack of magic markers from among the items they are intended to be collecting into bags for others.

In a moment of immature rage, Dana lashes out clearly jealous of Melanie's looks being far too much nicer than they were in high school. She grabs the nerd's arm and scribbles on it the words Melanie Melons. But when right after doing this Melanie's dress begins to tighten and her breasts start to swell up, nearly ripping their way to freedom as they grow to the size of literal melons... hostility and an awkward situation has reached all new proportions.

Amused by the shocking events, Dana never notices when Vicky strikes, scribbling something on the back of her shoulder... the words Fake Fucking Bitch. And as Melanie and Vicky watch, the slutty popular one-time queen of the school transforms into a mannequin version of herself.

Confused and equally fascinated by the scientific impossibility that magic markers could somehow have real magic in them, Melanie grabs the marker and scribbles not a description but a need onto Vicky, curious to see what happens. And when the once wallflower girl suddenly has a serious craving for something thick and hard inside her mouth, it's very clear that serving the community is no longer the main focus of any of the three.

Will Melanie take her exploration of testing out the markers to an extreme she herself never returns from? Will Dana's transformations leave her as popular as she always was but very much less real and more artificial? And will anyone ever ignore or overlook Vicky again?

Fiction & Literature
21 November
Kris Kreme
Smashwords, Inc.

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