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Nancy and Thatcher are as strong as they've always been. Living together and working side by side has only solidified the love that's grown. But when Thatcher hires a young admirer, Nancy isn't pleased. And when his mom comes to town for a visit, she's even more on edge.Derek is getting sick of having a smoking hot girlfriend. Every time they go surfing, the guys gawk at her perfect curves. When he mentions this to Paola, she snaps, saying he has no reason to be jealous. But when a truth from Derek's past slips out, it makes their relationship hang by a thread.Henry is cornered by Ren's two brothers, who want to know when he's proposing. Unsure when or how he's going to do it, he keeps them hanging. But he asks his two best friends to help him pick out the ring.Coen and Sydney go on their honeymoon in Australia, but Coen is livid with Sydney for being crazy. Jumping in the water when a tiger shark is in their midst, Sydney does what she wants on impulse. He realizes he can't protect her when she completely disregards her own safety. Their honeymoon quickly escalates in another round in the ring.Cheyenne begins her new job as a concierge at the Four Seasons. The job isn't hairdressing, but it's better than not having a job at all. She spends time with Bryce, and he even fixes her car. But she isn't sure why he hasn't asked her out. Is he even interested in her? She finally gets the courage to ask him out herself, but his response catches her off guard.The seventh installment in the Hawaiian Crush Series.

January 15
E. L. Todd
Draft2Digital, LLC

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