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There's been a lot of craziness throughout the pandemic, and just as much extra time with so many normal things shut down or restricted. But throughout the pandemic, three college friends along with one great dane have been traveling in their van putting a stop to some of the crazies the pandemic has driven just a little bit too far.

Nope, it's not who you're thinking about, but it might as well be since Ned and his pandemic beard buddy Shabby have always loved the simple cartoon world of a certain mystery solving gang of friends. Of course, Ned and Shabby have their very own Daphne, but unlike the cartoon one they lusted over at an early age, this one is a real bitch, who has gone from a friend to a boss, taking all the credit for their work and constantly hogging any screen time they get when local news stations want to interview about their latest crime solving adventure.

Daphne always had ambitions, a beautiful redhead who easily could have been in modeling, had the pandemic not ruined her pace for achieving just that. Roaming the country in Ned's van catching bad guys doing mostly small-time stuff was a good way of passing the time and keeping distant from anyone who might be carrying the virus. It also gave Daphne plenty of opportunities to show her pretty face to the world, interviewed most recently about the Factory Phantom, a crazy guy fired from his job when Covid nearly put the factory out of business last year.

Ned and Shabby are simple guys who just thought it would be fun to go around helping people, and it never hurt to be doing so with a seriously hot redhead like Daphne spending time with them. But it's become more than just apparent that Daphne is mostly using her friends, seeking her own fame and a future that definitely doesn't involve them. But to get that serious attention, Daphne knows they need something big, something more than Covid crazies, something to really put their group, the Meddling Kids, on the map.

As they are traveling away from their latest solved case, Shabby in the back with his faithful great dane Scooter D. news of an ongoing mystery going back at least five years comes over Shabby's phone and despite rarely caring what Shabby has to contribute, Daphne agrees that this might be exactly the case they have been looking for.

According to the news reports which are a bit vague, every October for five years in the small town of Winford, someone simply called the Winford Witch is claiming more victims. When Daphne directs Ned to Winford so they can look into this mystery more, they soon discover the bizarre stories of a mysterious black caped witch at a massive mansion called the Winford Manor House. Supposedly she can turn people into toys, but the woman they talk to doesn't believe all the supernatural stuff like that.

It's the first time a mystery seems serious enough to actually have substance to it, a mystery going back years before the pandemic, and one that involves the most unusual crimes imaginable. Solving a case like this would put Daphne on national news, not just local, and with a little luck and her always fashion-conscious look, this could finally be her ticket out of the Meddling Kids, on to bigger and better things.

But is there any truth to the mystery of the Winford Witch, or is it just another masked menace as always? Could the Winford Witch turn out to be exactly who Ned and Shabby were always looking for... the solution to all of their frustrations, particularly those concerning a certain hot redhead who bitches and bosses them around all the time?

Don't change that channel, readers... Halloween with the Kreme presents a cartoon mystery minus the cartoon and with an ending that will blow you away! You won't want this tale to get away, not before meeting the Meddling Kids.

Fiction & Literature
26 October
Kris Kreme
Smashwords, Inc.

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