Megan Scott/Michael Elliott Mystery Box Set: Books 4-6

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You'll want to add this thrilling collection by author Sandra Nikolai to your reading list!

Dark Deeds – Book 4

Where evil lurks, no one is safe.

The suspicious fire that destroyed the shed exposes a surprise corpse—not what ghostwriter Megan Scott and investigative reporter Michael Elliott expected when they reserved a cabin at their friends' lakeside resort in rural Ontario.

Fear overshadows their visit like a looming storm. Their friends are receiving anonymous threatening letters. An elderly resident is reported missing. Locals are wary. They aren't used to outsiders snooping around town, asking questions.

When Michael makes a connection to a cold case, evidence points to an ex-convict looking for revenge. He's had reconstructive surgery. He could be anyone.

Terror blankets the town as the body count mounts. The killer is playing dangerous mind games with everyone—especially with Megan. If she doesn't find him first, she could well become his next victim.

"Extremely well-plotted and punctuated with shocks… delivers great twists and turns." (Reviewer)

"A solid, well-written taut mystery." (Reviewer)

Broken Trust – Book 5

Hotel rooms often come with perks. A corpse isn't one of them. 

Ghostwriter Megan Scott and investigative reporter Michael Elliott are stunned to discover the body of a young woman in their hotel room. She's wearing a black lace teddy. A carafe of red wine and two glasses sit on a table. Her purse contains thousands of dollars, three business cards, and a supply of pills — opioids. With Michael researching the recent opioid crisis for the media, this revelation hits close to home.

Who is this woman and how did she get into their hotel room?

As Megan and Michael dig deeper, elusive conspirators up the stakes and threaten to block their efforts at any cost.

Is their trust in each other enough to save them on a perilous quest for a cold-blooded killer?

"An exciting murder mystery, a brainteaser with intriguing twists and turns." (Readers' Favorite 5-star review)

"Captivating reading…surprising twists!" (Reviewer)

Cold Revenge – Book 6

The message is one simple word: Vengeance.

Anonymous threats aren't unusual for a crime reporter. Even direct threats face to face are common, most never amounting to more than words. Michael Elliot has assisted the police with putting enough criminals behind bars to have earned his fair share.

But when Megan Scott, the love of his life and frequent investigative partner, goes missing, Michael realizes this threat is real. He has a list of five potential kidnappers, each more cold-blooded than the last, for the police to investigate.

Michael's instincts often steer him in the right direction, but he can't wait for the police to find Megan. Someone is out for revenge, and now they've given him just forty-eight hours to find her or she dies.

How is he going to beat the killer at their sick game?

"A hair-raising read…a hot page-turner." (Reviewer)

"Great twists and turns. Grab it and read it!" (Reviewer)

Crime & Thrillers
9 April
Vemcort Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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