Mental Toughness: Train the Abilities of Brain and Mental Skills with Powerful Habits and Self Esteem, Control Your Own Thoughts and Feelings, Develop a Strong and Unbeatable Mind of High Performance

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Revised and Updated Edition

What can you do to cultivate mental toughness and a tough attitude that is not easily swayed by daily events?

Do you have habits that you would like to change, but your lack of inner strength prevents you from doing so?

If you want to have learn how to build your mental toughness, and take control of your life, read on.

Mental toughness is the strength and resilience that helps you to soldier on when going through life struggles and to succeed in achieving your goals.

Thanks to mental toughness, the world's best athletes are able to push past stiff competition, injuries and exhaustion to win. It motivates weakened warriors to finish what they started even when they are beaten down by challenges that could bar them from achieving the ultimate prize.

In life, you are a warrior bound to face challenges, to suffer injuries and to feel like giving up due to exhaustion and demotivation.

Acquiring mental toughness is not something that happens overnight.

You have to put in time, energy and remain dedicated to achieving it through experience.

This is the advantage discussed in this book.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn with this guide:
What mental toughness isHow to remain focused and motivated towards developing mental toughness, even when you have limited time to spareHow to develop it and utilize it to achieve your goalsHow to practice stoicismEudaimonia and emotional resilienceHow to remain positive at the height of adversitiesHow to react calmly and wisely to events that affect your emotionsHow successful people think and react to different situations
...and much more!

It is hard to come by a complete mental toughness guide that helps you understand its concept, benefits in your life and how you can effectively develop and master it for your own good.

This book dispels such myths by explaining in the simplest terms possible how anyone can master the art of mental toughness, and above all, use it to grow and to succeed in life.

Therefore, if you have a burning desire to transform your life for the better, as well as to improve your mental and physical health, read the book and save a copy for future reference.

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7 July
Dr Henry Campbell & Dr Daniel Watson
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