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In the 32nd century, Humanity lives in settlements spread across the solar system. To boost the output of the Sun and extend her warmth across space, a project is born to seed the Sun with nanobots. It doesn’t work. In fact, it has the opposite effect. Now the Sun’s on an accelerated aging track. Only creating a second sun by bulking up Jupiter and igniting it will save Mankind.
Architect Pieter Delano is commissioned to oversee this effort. But Jupiter’s losing mass and Delano recalls from history that a distant ancestor in the 23rd century, Philippe Dugay, also had designs on Jupiter, to siphon material from the King of Planets and build a ring of habitats between Jupiter and Saturn. This mass loss is interfering with Delano’s plans. Delano makes a hazardous trip back in time to confront his famous ancestor.
Now the battle is joined as the two architects battle for supremacy, their own legacy and personal glory over the huge planet and the love of a single woman. For Delano and the people of the 32nd century, it’s an existential threat. For Dugay, it’s a chance to atone for a disastrous project earlier in his career.
Conflicted by two grand but bickering alliances and sponsors that have their own agendas, Delano and Dugay must come to a mutual understanding of what matters most to each. For thousands of years, Man has designed and built great structures for vanity, profit and worship. Now, Man can build and re-arrange whole worlds. But his motives are unchanged.
In the end, Delano shows Dugay how to achieve his great ambitions, not with Jupiter, but with Saturn. Will this destroy one of the greatest wonders of the night sky? The two architects wrestle with this question, and with massive egos and soaring legacies that must be protected.
Only one person can bridge the divide between the past and the future, between two monumental egos and an existential crisis that threatens the very future of Mankind.
Her name is Kate Lind.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
2 July
Philip Bosshardt
Smashwords, Inc.

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