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This erotica collection gathers five of Mina Shay's Bear Shifter stories into a single volume. 

Poking the Werebear (4,300 words)
Abigail is on assignment deep in the Alaskan wilderness, taking photographs of polar bears. When she stumbles upon a strange man surrounded by the massive bears, she fears for his life and tries to save him. She soon learns that the sexy man isn’t in any danger at all. In fact, it’s Abigail who is in danger of freezing and only the stranger’s unique abilities can save her. The one thing he can't do, however, is let the nuisance photographer expose his secret life. 

The Spectacled Werebear (3,300 words)
Angela joined the research and breeding program of the endangered Spectacled Bears in Venezuela several months ago. She isn’t sure what to do when she discovers one of the bears under her supervision has gone missing from his cage and mysteriously replaced by a hunky, nude stranger. As a scientist, she doesn’t believe the caged man’s outlandish story. The man wants to escape. But is that all he wants when he confronts Angela with the unbelievable truth? 

Kissed by a Koala Bear Shifter (3,500 words)
Bethany has a distinct issue that drives men to distraction, but not in a good way. It takes a vacation to Australia before Bethany can find the answer to her personal problem. What she could never imagine, however, is that solution might come in the form of a koala-shifter. 

Honey Werebear (3,400 words)
Charlene is determined to do anything to win this years blue ribbon in the Honey festival. Even if that means breaking and entering into Caleb Johnson’s barn to swap out the wrong jar of honey entered into the contest. Charlene finds herself in a sticky situation when the bear of a man catches her in the act. What will she do when he displays much more than his usual grumpy self? Charlene is trapped inside his barn, with nothing between her and escape except for one grumpy werebear and a jar full of honey. 

The Pandaman (3,000 words)
While working on a bamboo farm, Riley is certain she’s seen a giant panda roaming the grounds for late night snacks. But panda’s aren’t native to the Pacific Northwest, and no one’s believing Riley without proof. When she sets out to prove the panda’s existence, she discover’s a truth that’s even more unbelievable. Werebears do exist, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Just how far will the odd bear shifter go to maintain his secrecy?

Fiction & Literature
6 December
Mina Shay
Draft2Digital, LLC

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