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Beauty has turned a corner.  

We have gone back to our roots.  

The savvy woman understands she does not have to spend thousands of dollars on skin care to get amazing results. 

But just because she’s not supporting the beauty industry doesn’t mean she can’t have amazingly luxurious creations with which to adorn herself.

For thousands of years women, and their attendants, have blended, experimented, and concocted custom products to suit their needs.  Healing the skin, the body, the emotions, and even the mind.

With that idea in mind, #1 Best Selling Author Elizabeth Fellow brings you “Natural Beauty: Radiant Skin Care Secrets & Homemade Beauty Recipes from the World's Most Unforgettable Women.”

This is no ordinary natural beauty book. 

Looking through the lens of history at some of the most unforgettable women the world has ever seen, it explores their secrets and how you can bring a bit of their lives into your own. 

You’ll get secret beauty recipes for:
Princess Diana’s Rosewater TonerNefertiti’s Shea Butter with Jasmine, Patchouli & NeroliMary Magdalene’s Foot Balm of Biblical ProportionsCleopatra’s Milk Bath with Rose Petal & Myrrhand many many more
This book is opulent and opinionated, sage and sexy, with easy to follow recipes for newcomers to natural healing and professionals alike.

Within these pages you will learn:
The secrets of how to use precious stones to nourish your skin, essential oils to soothe and heal, and fruits and soils to cleanse and detoxify.Discover why your skin is dry or oily, and how to get rid of blackheads for good.For the days when the zipper on your jeans refuses to zip, there’s even a remedy for that.  An inch off the hips... in 20 minutes flat… seriously!You’ll even learn how to make an edible chocolate body cream infused with gold-leaf to indulge in with your lover!
In short, Natural Beauty is for every girl who has an inner beauty just waiting to burst out, and that’s all of us!

It’s not a book which celebrates skinny, though we certainly don’t mind it. It applauds curves and kindness and even mad-cap passion. This book loves women, and we truly believe women will love this book. 

Join us on a humorous journey through time and imagination with the wise but often deliciously catty and judgmental Healer. As she travels through space and time and visits some of the World’s most memorable women, she describes how the oils chosen for the recipes might otherwise have been used.

This super-bitch with a warm and healing heart wants to show you how to unleash the secrets of the earth and reclaim your Natural Beauty.

So scroll up and get you copy of “Natural Beauty: Radiant Skin Care Secrets & Homemade Beauty Recipes from the World's Most Unforgettable Women” right now…

Body, Mind & Spirit
5 August
Healthy Wealthy nWise Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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