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Quaoar’s orbit had been changed by a planetary propulsion system, initiated by the Globuster and set on a collision course with Triton. There was no known technology within the peaceful Solar System that could change the orbits of either planetoid. Base Commander Donald Day and the remaining Triton Base staff took actions to evacuate and save as many people as possible. Saving the base itself seemed impossible – there might be only one chance – using the engines on Quaoar to change its path again. Taking that chance, Donald Day sent Maya Ivanova, Bill Davis and four specialists to Quaoar in two Hawks. The Hawks arrived at Quaoar halfway to Triton and landed successfully. One question remained: had the Globuster re-occupied the planetoid after its earlier flight from Bill Davis? Maya Ivanova left Anna Gonzales in one Hawk on guard while the rest of the team entered the Globuster base. They quickly realized they had no chance of understanding the Globuster engine controls and activated the backup plan: planting ten nuclear devices expected to destroy the planetoid before it hit Triton. Out of nowhere, the Globuster returned and destroyed one of the Hawks. Anna Gonzales barely managed to escape the Globuster’s attack. Ivanova, Davis and the rest of the team were stranded and faced the Globuster in a fierce battle. Onboard the Pentagon, Maya Ivanova’s ship, scientists rapidly developed a new weapon which gained victory for the away team. Anna Gonzales returned and picked up the team before the atomic bombs ignited. The explosion was so powerful that it totally destroyed Quaoar. The shockwaves from the blast reached the rapidly escaping Hawk and destroyed it. If not for the Hawk’s escape pod, no one would have survived. They were picked up by a rescue team, just before their oxygen supply was depleted. Quaoar’s destruction had an unexpected side effect: the SETI installation on Triton was now able to receive signals from beyond the edges of the Solar System. A gap had opened, allowing Humanity to take a glimpse outside their realm. Humanity realized quickly that they had been behind a shield, preventing them from making contact with the rest of the galaxy. The question was: Why? 

Then suddenly an unidentified, fast-flying object was detected. 

The visitor was no other than Scorge

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
24 May
SciFi-World Medien Verlag
SciFi-World Medien

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