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There are increasing indications that manipulations of the timeline have occurred in the past. Toiber Arkroid, who has been given the ability to forward thinking into the future by the Librarian of the Kokradians, and is considered lost in action after the Great Tremor, repeatedly interacted with the present by providing valuable information.

A mysterious Techno-Cleric, whose origin remains unexplained, acted as an Oracle and advisor to the Phookans, an insectoid species who had settled on Neptune after the Great Tremor. The Techno-Cleric tried to create a conflict between the insectoids and Humanity. Memories of the so-called Techno-Twin are being refreshed, who had been sabotaging the collective programming of the robot civilization years ago.

There is still no clear picture, but it seems as if two parties are fighting for the future. They use resources that are far more dangerous than large opposing battle fleets. Vasina of Atlantika and Admiral Friedberg agree in their assessment that the events are still connected with the Great Tremor.

The emergence of the Phookans in the Solar System is a new and unexpected reality for Humanity. This reality holds a lot of conflict potential, but also opportunities. While Humanity is carefully adapting to the new neighbors, the Atlantika is going on a priority mission to Scutum-Crux with a mixed crew of Progonauts, Humans, and Neo-Sapiens. The objective is to fly to the remaining Sacrificial Suns, a small star field of the former Parasite Galaxy, which had emerged in the Milky Way before the Great Tremor occurred. Vasina and her crew are looking for answers to many questions while plunging into a whirlpool of dangerous events.

The Atlantika takes off on her Expedition to the Sacrificial Suns.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
30 March
Thomas Rabenstein
SciFi-World Medien

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