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15 April 2120. 

There is peace in the Solar Union. Six years have passed since the activation of five Jamal-Combs and the successful defense of the parasites galaxy. Six years in which Humanity realized that complex, cosmic entanglements were linked to this sinister threat and how close the Milky Way galaxy had come to be destroyed by a devastating disaster.

Over a period of a million years, a counter-plan was carried out, which finally resulted in the activation of the solar energy matrix. The higher-dimensional energy field, initially abused by the Globusters and unknown assailants, stimulated a cosmic force, which alone was able to stop the dimensional transfer of the parasite galaxy. This cosmic force, referred to by many galactic nations as Nebular, is six years later still a mystery.

It has become apparent over the recent years that there is the need for a galactic cooperation of all nations to counter such threats in the future. Although the Galactic Brotherhood has fallen apart in the meantime, it nevertheless, laid the foundation for the establishment of a new alliance of galactic civilizations.

The Solar Union and many allied and friendly galactic nations agreed to establish the Galactic Cooperation Council, an organization intended to serve the exploration of the Milky Way and its satellite galaxies.

Still, our galaxy, with its billions of stars, is not yet fully explored and holds many mysteries and secrets. Humanity is making sudden technological advances, aided and supported by Cooperation Council. This is the time for venturing to explore new solar systems and make new discoveries.

Humans, Progonauts, Shwakans, Krolakans, Neo-Sapiens, Chiropters and other nations begin intensive exchanges of knowledge, share new technologies, developing together new technologies and conduct research to find answers to previously unexplored questions. Within the GCC, Humanity benefits most from the galactic cooperation since the Solar Union now faces a new era: The Tachyon Era

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
28 June
Thomas Rabenstein
SciFi-World Medien

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