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Are you about to make a New Year's Resolution for 2017, but THIS time you want to make sure you keep it and achieve your goals?

If you do, then download this book today!

Did you know that only 8% of make a New Year's Resolution actually keep it and reach their goal? If you're in that 8%, you may not need this book... But if you're in the other 92%, and this time you want to avoid feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and being stuck when trying to keep your New Year's Resolution.

Martin Kaye used to make New Year Resolutions and set goals at the start of each year. Only to stick with them for a couple of weeks before running out of steam, feeling less and less energized and less and less "motivated"... Eventually he turned to science in order to learn the reasons for this, as well has what really works.

The first thing he learned was that in order to succeed, he had to treat his New Year's Resolutions as a Goal. Jotting something down on a napkin five minutes before the stroke of midnight, doesn't cut it.

He also learned that setting and achieving goals is a lot more complex than just setting that SMART or BIG goal, and then setting out to achieve it. It takes building willpower, establishing habits, learning how motivation works, understanding happiness, and then taking all those factors into account and putting them into a complete, step-by-step, system.

No matter what you want your New Year's Resolution to be about, this book gives you an introduction - all based on research rather than untested self-help - moving beyond just relying on positive thinking, visualizations and affirmations.

In this book you will learn:
The THREE problems with self-help advice and life coachesThe importance of using your strengthsHow to avoid the Rat RaceHow Motivation really worksWhy Positive Thinking leads to Negative ResultsHow to use two simple daily routines
You also get a goal setting workbook with the TEN proven steps to creating a plan that leads to real results, to download and print out and use as a tool when setting your goals, as well as a companion on your journey towards making your New Year's Resolutions stick.

Are you ready to discover a scientific approach to how to set and achieve goals? Are you ready to Take Action?

Then instantly get your hands on your copy!

Body, Mind & Spirit
30 November
Martin Kaye
Draft2Digital, LLC

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