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You read all the pregnancy books you could, the nine months went by without incident, your wife delivered a healthy baby on schedule, and the birth was a success.

Job well done, right? Sometimes it feels as if the journey is over after the birth of your baby, but it is only the beginning of an exciting adventure.

If your baby makes your heart swell with pride as you gaze down upon him/her, and you think, "What now?" then this book is for you.

With so many resources available to women, expecting mothers can plan and execute a healthy pregnancy and effectively handle those first months and years as a parent in stride. But for new dads? Not so much.

Being the best partner and father a man can be is the subject of this book; You will learn everything from preparing for fatherhood to birthing your baby to caring for your new child.

The content of this book allows men to understand what their wives experience physically and emotionally during and after pregnancy, so they can support them.

Presenting to you one of the essential guides for new dads, which explains what to expect in the first months, arming you with the tools you need to be a great father. 

In addition to teaching the new dads how to bond with their babies and support their development, this book gives first-time dads the confidence, skills, and knowledge they need to enjoy parenting and succeed at it.

In just a few months or weeks, or days, your entire world will change. This book will walk you through how to navigate this new change from start to finish.

Decide what is most important to you. Identify and break bad habits and/or patterns. Discover some common mistakes that fathers make and learn from them in order not to make such mistakes.

It is important to realize that your words, thoughts, actions, and inactions have immense power. Become aware of the importance of cultivating an effective parent-child relationship.

Rather than wondering and asking yourself, "oh man, what to do next?" You will find all the answers in this book!

You have a critical role to play... You can achieve it.

This book will give you all that you need effectively play your role and achieve success.

20 June
Pierce Nick Norris
StreetLib Srl

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