Nyaya-Dharma (Ethics of Justice) : Truth (Dharma) Vs Hype (Adharma) Nyaya-Dharma (Ethics of Justice) : Truth (Dharma) Vs Hype (Adharma)

Nyaya-Dharma (Ethics of Justice) : Truth (Dharma) Vs Hype (Adharma‪)‬

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"Yadrishi Bhavana Yasya, Siddhir Bhavati Tadrishi" (Sage Yajnavalkya (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad)), meaning
"Nothing is higher than dharma. The weak overcomes the stronger by dharma, as over a king. Truly that dharma is the truth (Satya). Therefore, when a man speaks the truth, they say, "He speaks the Dharma, and if he speaks dharma they say, "he speaks the truth." For both are one.
Falsehood, ill will, covetousness and defamation are the tools of Hype (Adharma). This book, Nyaya Dharma (Ethics of Justice) is part 1 of the two-part book Yato-Dharmasto-Jaya, to present the conflicts between Truth (Dharma) and Hype (Adharma) by displaying the vicious propaganda (hype) carried out by forces of Adharma like media, institutions and ideological (conditioned) minds in support of a decision which should not have been taken at the first instance and even if taken should have been opposed by right-minded or people with considerations for Dharma.
The battle between Dharma (truth) and Adharma (hype) is always the battle between the objectivity (with a basis in knowledge) and subjectivity (with a basis in ignorance). The increasing crimes of the society with their changing nature or the diminishing values among individuals, all are symptoms of the increase in Adharma.
This increase in Adharma or the decreasing Dharma is not because of a lack of people or institutions to protect Dharma. But it is lack of awareness on Dharma with an active propagation and support to Adharma by people and institutions, either through intentional ignorance or unintentional ignorance. Therefore, it becomes a necessity for an Arya (Aryan) to make Dharma clear to them and helps the world in its development as a noble place to live.
This book (Part 1 of Yato-Dharmasto-Jaya) focuses on Adharma and displays how vicious the Adharma is in its approach. The intentional and unintentional ignorance are the tools of this defective approach adopted by Adharma. We will capture the same through the most obnoxious judgment of our time i.e. cancellation of Jat Reservation. It was one such exercise of subjective interpretation of the facts or the ignorance of common universal principles and facts by responsible institutions and a collusion of interest groups like National Commission of Backward Classes (NCBC), media etc., a display of the presence of Adharma at some of the highest positions.

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