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Rose Collins was a beautiful blonde.  Tall and lithe with a lovely face, perfect breasts and long delicious legs.  Any man's dream, except her husband's.  He was a workaholic and his nighttime visions were of bits and bytes and the fame and fortune of a successful software company.  What better formula for adultery?

As a dutiful wife, mother and girl Friday for her husband's start-up, Rose was choking on a steady diet of domestication.  She had female itches that begged to be scratched, lest they fester into self-destructive wants, but her husband was too busy to attend to his marital duties.  Maybe I should change my title to secretary, she thought, "At least they sometimes get f****d."

Rose's only escape was her long sensuous fingers between her legs as her husband lay snoring in the stillness of the night.  But to her chagrin, Rose discovered that masturbation is a lonely endeavor.  It offers a temporary respite, but also stokes carnal embers that can one day burst into raging flames.

Rose longed for the heat of another body, the feel of a virulent male thrusting inside of her, the sounds of his primal need and the smells of his desire.  She didn't realize how desperate her yearnings until a stranger took her in his arms, igniting a sexual blaze that was cathartic and life changing.

Join Rose on her erotic journey of carnal discovery and sexual fulfillment as she puts some balance back into her life.

Adults only please.  Contains descriptive language and graphic depictions of sexual encounters.

Fiction & Literature
10 June
Night Table Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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