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This is the sixth volume of contemporary poetry that touches a multitude of topics from popular culture to politics, and occasionally from food to specific events. It is a result of a challenge I have imposed on myself, to write at least one poem per day, until I have reached the grand total of one thousand poems. So feel free to read away, the poems are about one hundred words each.

This volume contains the following poems:

Waiting for the Sad Puppies List
Glow of coming spring
Fifth volume
115 million
A Dancer's Dream

Pitfall of Feminist Critique
Bombs in Brussels
Pants on fire

'Dawn of Justice'
A Ballot Was Cast
A little bird
'Tracer's Pose'
Assassination of Trump

'Someone Untouchable'
The Terror of Chalk
Bottom line: Trump promises jobs
The Siege of Dragonspear Castle

Tax Evasion
'Tracer's Pose II'
Rebels without a clue
A little soldier boy (For a fantasy novel)

Adult Video Games
Stars and love
50% have their IQ below the average
A nice thing to say
The Next American President

Scarlett Johansson – Ghost in the Shell
Hardcore Henry
And back to the writer's saddle
Dragon Award
And the rain falls

The Prince is Dead
A Day Of Rest
A failed birthday cake
'Melissa Clicks' of Our World

Another Season of Thrones
Low Hanging Fruit
Beast of Misty Morning (For a fantasy novel)
Just Another Day
A panel was cancelled because of 'gender'

A Comedian's Blind Spot
Hugo Finalists...
An Odd Reason To Smile
Spring is in the Air
Three minute poem

The possibilities of this world
Ruminations on Chuck Tingle
Mars is our home (For a science fiction novel.)
And the green returns
Headache after a while...

Owl, Cat, Sea Lion
Presidential Rubicon of 2016
North Carolina Bathrooms
Gears of Fate (For a fantasy novel)
This night of rain

'Colonel' Bernie Sanders
On recent Eurovision headlines
“Twitter Survivors” of Gamergate
Rye Honey Cookie
Goosebump Good

DeviantArt's Censorship of Artists
Giant Stroller
When this dude sings like a girl
Hockey Player's Disappointment

Why I hate feminists
A mere spotlight
'Hail Hydra'
This shit again...
A happy drunkard

Government's lack of arguments
EU made tech giants self-censor
The Rise of Renewable Energy in China
Blizzard and Overwatch Porn

News from Tunisia
Healing Space, Safe Space 2.0
Amos Yee
Had to write something today...
Politics of Feelings

The League of Wouldn't Be Rapists
'Reason Rally 2016'
Gawker Filed for Bankruptcy
Cold Slumber (For science fiction novel.)
The Death of a Dragon (For a fantasy novel)

That Religion of Piss
153 edits to a single poem
Attempts to label games 'sexist'
How to defeat Trump
Electoral Fraud

Guccifer 2.0
E3 2016
Battle of the Bastards

Fiction & Literature
21 June
Tuomas Vainio
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