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Why did the author spend seven years and several thousand dollars of his retirement savings to do the research that led to this little book? Because, as a trained pathologist, researcher and life-long athlete, who suffered this horrible heel pain several times, he realized that no-one was tackling the underlying cause of so-called plantar fasciitis, which it clearly is not.

Pathology is the study of the nature and causes of disease. Acute, often morning, heel pain is clearly a dys-ease, and so he sought and established the cause. This turned out to be an uncomfortable truth for many businesses, but the the truth none the less.

What you will learn from this little book:

(1) To read your body more effectively and so come to realize that pain is generally your friend rather than your enemy.

(2) That the location of your perceived pain is often remote from its' source and thus from the road to a cure.

(3) That you are sometimes your best physician as doctors don't know everything, especially when it comes to body movement skills (biomechanics).

(4) To spot medical deceptions by those who falsely claim to know how to cure your morning heel pain, but most importantly,

(5) You will learn to be more in control of your own health care, which you can then apply to other aches and pains as they come along, especially those associated with aging.

The authors' research revealed that most advertised plantar fasciitis treatments can, (a) make the heel pain better, (b) do nothing, or (c) make it worse, sometimes much worse!

It is recommended that you become your own plantar fasciitis treatment detective, before rushing into risky treatments.

Think before you purchase an advertised cure from the plantar fasciitis treatment smorgasbord.

This book includes a plea to the medical community to invest more research dollars into the study of this crippling condition. The author's nociceptive hypothesis provides guidance to would be researchers going down this road.

The author is:

- A life-long athlete, and currently an Ironman-distance triathlete.

- A student of optimal body movement for many years and,

- A veterinary pathologist with forty-years of widely published disease research under his belt.

The author became interested in so-called plantar-fasciitis when he suffered from this condition, himself.

OUCH! "It sure focused my attention," he says.

He went on to determine that acute morning heel pain is a progressive disease that can lead to serious injury if you don't find the right treatment.

The author's unexpected interest in acute morning heel pain resulted in the research adventure described in this book. He eventually realized that this problem doesn't originate in our feet. Our nervous system generates a pain response to inform us of damaging issues that lie elsewhere in our body, often in our hips. This is why for many years there has been no consensus on the underlying cause of so-called plantar fasciitis

How you name diseases (lexical semantics) can influence treatment. This explains the dangerous cortisone heel injections so popular with certain doctors and podiatrists.

The author recommends the alternative term, Nociceptive Foot Pain (NFP).

To find out why and to go down the right road to find a cure for your morning heel pain, read the book. It contains multiple case studies and a plan of action.

Be patient.

You are the lead detective.

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3 August
Kevin Thomas Morgan
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