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This cheerful kids’ book is loaded with all kinds of fun but scary information about super toxic creepy-crawly critters, toads that never should be kissed, spiders just waiting to jab you with their poisonous fangs, venom-spitting snakes, and fabulously cute and colourful frogs that  you should never – make that NEVER touch. Why? Because the slime on their skins could have you dead by dinner time!

Yes, this book is full of all kinds of fun facts and alarming information that kids will then be able to use to intrigue (or terrify) their friends, and captivate (or horrify) their teachers and parents!

Kids will find the answers to important questions like: Whose bite is more dangerous – Mr. or Mrs. Black-Widow spider? And why you should never dance the samba with a Mamba. (And even if you do, why you’ll only do it once!) Kids will also find out if they suffer from arachnophobia – or at least how to spell it – and what they should do if they get stung by a bee or a wasp.

Poisonous Stuff is loaded with super cool images, a lively down-to-earth text, some laugh out loud bad jokes, and amazing photos and information about some of the most astonishing and scariest things on our planet. Kids aged seven to seventeen, will not only want to read this book – they’ll want to share it with others and find out more for themselves. Some will probably even grow up to become toxicologists or famous arachnologists like Little Miss Muffet’s dad!

Kids reading this book will also learn how to keep themselves safe in a world full of fangs, stingers and toxic chemicals. They’ll probably be surprised to find out about the many poisons that may be lying about their own homes. And what is even more surprising, they’ll learn about how some poisons can actually be useful!

Poisonous Stuff features include full color images, text boxes, visual gags, an index and glossary, plus fun quizzes to test the reader’s knowledge and understanding.

Poisonous Stuff is the second in the Good Stuff Books series by New Zealand children’s author Alan Trussell-Cullen who has written over 400 books for kids, as well as stage plays, TV comedy scripts, and lots of zany kid’s poems. Other titles in the series include Really Big Stuff, Smelly Stuff, and Really Fast Stuff.

Young Adults
12 June
Alan Trussell-Cullen
Alan Trussell-Cullen

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