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There’s this thing in New Zealand called ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ and it works like this: instead of applauding our fellow Kiwis’ success and patting them on the back, we chop them down. It’s a real thing - AND IT SUCKS!

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Tall Poppy Syndrome refers to ‘a tendency in our society to try and cut down people who are considered to be too successful or prominent (cutting the tall poppies down to size)’. If you’ve lived in New Zealand for a while you might have noticed Kiwis generally don’t like other Kiwis doing too well.

For some reason we don’t like people who are too big for their boots, or drive flash cars, or create massively successful businesses. It can even begin at school. ‘Try-hards,’ ‘nerds,’ and ‘teacher’s pets’ are all examples of Tall Poppy Syndrome. I say - STUFF THAT! This book is about starting the conversation to destroy the Tall Poppy Syndrome and saying YES TO SUCCESS. It’s ok to win - it’s ok to be successful.

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18 December
Robett Hollis
Robett Hollis

Customer Reviews

Gunzblazin' ,

Power Moves from the legend Robett Hollis

Ka nui te mihi e te tuakana. Robett your book is more than that. It’s an open diary, a log book on a resilient life, a chronicle of an amazingly curious, generously spirited bro. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your book to start 2019 and fully support your kaupapa #YesToSuccess. Haven’t laughed and cried when reading a book in a long time. Definitely haven’t had that same intense emotion with an eBook before Lol. Chur chur for your openness and honesty. Incredible whakaaro. Kia pai ki a koe me tou whanau ataahua i te tau hou. Aroha nui Robett (aka Rangi from the Hood lol)

rottenkaanga ,

Profound, poignant & real!

Real kōrero right here! Took me 3 hours to read and the puku and roro are burning with 🔥🔥🔥 again. Journey + experience = wisdom; thank you for sharing Robett! Perfect timing too to stocktake, reflect and dominate!!! From one good human to another 👍