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Pro Betting Secrets is a Collection of the 20 Best Tips from Betters, Bookies, Tellers, and Professionals over a Handicapper’s 40-Year career wagering on College Football. This Book provides food for thought for all Handicappers and it features five unique sections.

The first section focuses on getting set up with the right structure to provide protective parameters. By betting through the right avenue, getting the proper perspective and knowing the financial impact of the situation, you can put yourself in a better position to win and stay away from large losses.

Healthy Rules is the title of the second section. These common sense rules not only improve your odds of winning, but they are also instrumental in controlling your losses. This is an important part of the book, as five of the top 20 tips are in this section.

Granted everyone should practice, but section three of this book, tells you what to practice on and how to practice each week. It will tell you how to track trends and keep up on the 126 Division I College Football Teams. The season is only 15 weeks, it is critical to know what to look for and how to find it.

A Teller once said if you bet the same way all of the time, the best you could do was buy the juice. Section four of PBS deals with coming up with creative ways to find winning selections. By being creative you increase your chances of getting hot and cut down on losing streaks.

The last section is about putting together a game day plan. Game day is emotional and only really lasts about 10 hours. By knowing what you will do before the situation arrives, you increase your chances of making the right decision in a critical time.

The goal, mission or purpose of this book is to help handicappers get better. The one trait that all of us share is a passion for wagering on college football. This does not have to be a crash course in financial crisis. It can be enjoyable and entertaining. That, my friend, is fun.

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16 March
Leslie Richardson
Richardson Refining