QB1 and The Liz: The Tom Mullins Mysteries QB1 and The Liz: The Tom Mullins Mysteries

QB1 and The Liz: The Tom Mullins Mysteries

Publisher Description

This special second edition of the best selling QB1 includes the second book, The Liz in Tom Mullins Mysteries. You've asked for more of these irreverent detectives and they're back. The Superbowl MVP Quarterback has been murdered. Private Investigator Tom Mullins and his boy-genius next door neighbor are on the case in this story of a championship football season wrapped in this quirky, fast moving, whodunnit. The second book moves to the entertainment industry where Tom's girlfriend, the world's phenomenal new rock star is kidnapped in a violent shootout. Follow the detective pair through the Los Angeles underworld of terrorists and organized crime.

From the online reviews of The Tom Mullins Mysteries books:

“Had me on the edge of my seat until the end. One of the best books I’ve read."

"For readers who like authors like Lewis Kincaid. This book is as good as almost any Patterson does.”

“Sorry it ended! Great read!”

“A very fast paced book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Wish there was another to follow with the same characters.”

“This was an amazing book! One of the best books I have ever read and I’ve read some good ones.”

“The dialogue is irreverent and lots of fun. The interesting relationship between the private eye and his young assistant is explained as the story develops. Sports fans and mystery readers will both enjoy this one. It has the makings of a fun series. There is even some steamy romance. I could see this as a popular movie.”

“I really enjoyed this book, just plain entertaining!”

“Gradually characters are filled in and one of the most engaging characters is a 12 year old boy genius, Roger.”

“I really enjoyed this book, just plain entertaining!”

“I'm not someone who likes to think of cussing around young people. There is cussing in front of Roger and by Roger... but later in the story we learn that the detective and the 12 year old are more like brothers. Well, I've heard siblings talk when they don't think adults are around, especially boys... and the way Roger and his detective friend (worshiped older brother figure) interact is very realistic... including the language.”

“I will look for more books by this author. These characters... wildly fascinating and sometimes improbably successful would be fun to meet again in another book. I enjoyed this read and think you might, too. “

“This was my first Pete Bowen book and I really got into it. That’s a surprise because I am not a sport person, but I got caught up in the mystery, well done.”

Crime & Thrillers
25 May
Pete Bowen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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