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Episode 8, Quantum Troopers. Johnny Winger and 1st Nano have returned from a close call in Kolkata, India. Winger lost an entire Detachment there when one his troopers turned out to be an angel. Now Major Kraft has summoned Doc Frost to Table Top to help re-generate ANAD and give the tiny bot a thorough checkout…only it isn’t the real Doc Frost who shows up. Meanwhile, Quantum Corps has managed to turn a Red Hammer operative who works at a small complex on an island in the south Pacific, the same island that Intel suggests the real Doc Frost has been taken to. The operative is extracted from Red Hammer’s clutches and memory scans show Doc Frost is likely at the same compound or nearby. He may even be working now for Red Hammer, probably under duress. Newly minted nanotrooper Dana Tallant commands a rescue mission, and looks on this as an opportunity to show up wonderboy atomgrabber Johnny Winger. But the op goes south and only Tallant and her second-in-command survive. Now they’re captives of Red Hammer. Winger is assigned a mission to rescue any survivors of Tallant’s force because nanotroopers don’t leave their buddies behind. He’s also tasked to find and rescue Doc Frost and find out what Red Hammer’s up to on this flyspeck of an island. The rescue mission will be risky but it has to be done. And, in the end, 1st Nano will encounter far more than they ever trained for.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
10 June
Philip Bosshardt
Smashwords, Inc.

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