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The UN Secretary-General is explosively disassembled in a Singapore hospital. He’s replaced by something else, an angel. The same happens to the Russian President. And the British Prime Minister. Worse, UN BioShield is detecting an unexplainable surge of illegal nanobotic activity in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, a surge that may be behind not only a global pandemic of angels replacing normal people, but also affecting the Earth’s climate as well.
Faced with growing evidence that the cartel Red Harmony is behind this, Johnny Winger and his quantum troopers are given a mission to recon an archeological site in the Empty Quarter, one of the bleakest places on Earth. What they find there is one of the strangest devices they’ve ever encountered. It’s a Sphere, seemingly a gateway to a ‘transit corridor’ to an alien race and it seems that Red Harmony may be in control of the thing. Given orders to prevent the cartel from gaining access to alien technology, Winger and his troopers end up transported to one of the weirdest ‘places’ they’ve ever encountered…a world of bots that may be a simulation of the home world of a long-dead alien people.
In this bizarre world, Winger and his team must battle not only Red Harmony agents and forces beyond their understanding but also themselves and their own fears and dreads. Only the past memories of an ancient family heritage from one trooper offers the atomgrabbers any hope of escape.
Sixth episode in the Quantum Troopers Return serial.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
10 July
Philip Bosshardt
Smashwords, Inc.

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