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What is the origin of the universe? When did it all start? Where is it going? What is mind? What is matter? What is consciousness? Is there one God? Many Gods? No God at all? What can science discover? Will everything one day be fully known? Or is there anything that will always remain outside human understanding? Are we asking the right questions? Or should we simply care for our day-to-day needs and attend to the practical concerns of life? Where are the answers?

Science attempts to explore as many topics as it possibly can. It aims at being objective and non-biased, and at discovering answers from reliable and repeatable relationships between causes and effects.

This book takes one of the most purely subjective and spiritual records of knowledge, the Rāmāyaṇ, and compares it to one of the most objectively-studied and scientifically-described aspects of life: human physiology.

The research presented in this book illustrates the correlation between the characters and events occurring in the Rāmāyaṇ and the structures and functions of human physiology, concluding that ultimate subjectivity is ultimate objectivity, physiology is intelligence, matter is consciousness! It reveals that the same Laws of Nature express themselves on different levels of manifestation while remaining unchanged in their function and structuring dynamics.

It is not the philosophical, moral, religious, or even social and familial underpinnings that are emphasized in this study, but the basic characters, events, places, and their interwoven dynamics as they reveal the structure and function of our human physiology. No value judgment nor philosophical or moralistic analysis is attempted.

The Rāmāyaṇ is not studied here as a text belonging to any one religion, nor to a particular race or belief system. The Rāmāyaṇ tells the story of Natural Law through its events and characters, just as Natural Law reveals its story in every individual physiology, life, and in the ever-expanding universe.

Science & Nature
22 July
MUM Press
Maharshi University of Management Press