Reading Music Notation - Ukulele Method

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In order to become a good performer, it is not necessary to know music notation, music theory and be able to sight-read music. If you want to perform, you can analyze a piece of music using tablature or pick it up by ear, and what you need the most is to master your instrument and have a good memory. But when it comes to arranging music yourself, you cannot do without knowing how to write down the rhythm, read notes of various instruments (piano, vocals), chord structures, harmonic progression and more. You can memorize the notes on ukulele fretboard, and this will certainly help you understand some theoretical knowledge. But without the ability to read music notation, you will spend plenty of time on practical implementation of the theory.

A good music notation contains a lot of information about sound and aspects of playing: the pitch and duration of a sound, the tempo and manner of performing, dynamics, fingering and much more. In this book we will focus on the most important: the pitch and duration of a sound. This is my first book on reading ukulele notation. We will study here a wide range of notes on almost the entire ukulele fretboard. This knowledge will help you play not only the ukulele notes, but also read the notes of other instruments, such as guitar and piano. At the end of the book you will find a small anthology which includes music pieces of different genres. The book does not include pieces of music that are difficult to play, so it can be applied by both beginners and experienced musicians.

In this book you will find 76 rhythm exercises, 26 exercises on reading music notation and playing techniques, 26 etudes (small pieces of music) as well as notation of popular and famous music pieces. After completing this course, you will be able not to limit yourself to notes from this book only. Notation has been used by musicians since ancient times, so you will be able to easily find the notes of a very large number of music pieces. Also, having mastered musical notation, you will be able to read and understand literature on the music theory.

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30 June
Alexandr Nilov
Draft2Digital, LLC

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