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After suffering defeat in the Civil War, a young man struggles to establish his identity and begin life anew in a raw and unsettled land.
In 1866, only men uprooted by war had reason to ride into Tubacca, Arizona, a nondescript town as shattered and anonymous as the veterans drifting through it. So when Drew Rennie, newly discharged from Forrest’s Confederate scouts, arrived, leaving everything he owned behind, he knew his business would not be questioned. To anyone in Tubacca there could only be one extraordinary thing about Drew, and that he could not reveal: his family name.
Drew has come west from Kentucky to find a father he had thought dead until the year before. However, kinship with a man like Hunt Rennie—the legendary Don Cazar, owner of a matchless range and prize stallions—is not a claim to be made quickly or lightly. Posing as Drew Kirby, the young veteran contrives to get himself and his friend Anse hired as corral hands at Rennie’s Range, but he is hardly prepared for the suspicion and danger that stands between him and his father. As hotheaded as the elder Rennie, Drew is ready to move on to California—until the day all proof of his name is stolen from him, and his unwarranted arrest for horse-thieving spurs the accusations of the one man whose trust he really needs.
Andre Norton’s Ride Proud, Rebel! dramatically portrayed the last year of the Confederacy, when brave men met defeat with honor. In this sequel, Drew’s struggle to start over out west reflects the courage of thousands of rootless men set adrift by the Civil War.
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21 November
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