Reincarnation: A Return to Life

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Norma claims that we live in a time of great uncertainty and most realise that time is running out. Overpopulation is out of control and the world cannot sustain the numbers alive today without collapse of all resources. So why are we here? What is going on? Who is in control? Why doesn't God stop the carnage and answer the pleas for help.

She has studied Old Testament prophecies that told of this time and it is noted therein that everyone will be reincarnated for judgment. That is completely different to what religious organisations are promoting. They encourage people to believe in myths to maintain power and control. Few, however, understand how and why the good will be redeemed in the Spirit or who they are while others are destined to go elsewhere.

Promises for this time include the building of Mount Zion where all things will be put right. It is happening now and the spiritual will have a chance to prove themselves. While this sounds strange to those who are religiously 'tuned in' this is the time to reflect on what is happening now compared to the prophecies.

The deafness created by false promises and religious window dressing keeps many in the dark. This book aims to shine light into their world as it provides thought provoking evidence backed up by prophecies that cannot be disputed.

The Spirit promised that a woman, the Daughter of Zion, will unravel the mysteries and will have the power to break down the barriers between God and the Children of the Spirit. This work introduces her and reveals how she was led led to be the new teacher for the end of days. Most would never have heard of her because she is one of the Spirit's secrets.

Everything she is doing was forecast in Prophecies. Her work is going forth over the Internet to build the mountain of God. She makes no apologies for what she reveals or for who will be included in the harvest. This is part of the big picture and the plan that of God from the beginning. She is the messenger and the Spirit is the judge. Her commission is to return the lost to their spiritual link.

She is led by the Spirit and her feet are on solid ground. Few can dispute the information given by her for this time.

Religion & Spirituality
9 December
Norma Holt
Draft2Digital, LLC

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