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Increase Your Chances at Winning Grants with Insights from a Review Panel Manager!

"Increase my chances? That's no guarantee!" you might be saying.

Well, to be honest, no book can legitimately make any promises that you will win grants. None of them can, not even mine. However, most books on grant writing will show you tools and strategies for improving your proposal.

"OK. So, why should I buy your book?"

I think you should get as many resources as necessary to prepare yourself to write the best proposal possible. Reviewer-Focused Grant Writing complements other books by offering something that they might not--the perspective of the review panel.

"Hmm. Now, what does that mean... to me?"

Reviewer-Focused Grant Writing was written to give you a better understanding of how the review process works and how the panel reviewers tend to think. It outlines the three major aspects of your proposal which are the presentation, the content, and the value. Each of these is important to the panel reviewer.

This book will help you understand and manage these aspects. For example, it tells about how you can:
- lay out pages for better reading
- make your plan more clear and cohesive
- format your budget to be easily understood
- obtain letters of support that impress reviewers
- do much more.

"That's good. But, what's the bottom line?"

Reviewer-Focused Grant Writing puts you in the mindset of the reviewers. You will gain a competitive edge through understanding how they think. In the reviewers' eyes, most proposals will fall into the "Just OK" category; this book can help you to avoid mistakes that give panel reviewers a reason to lump you in with the others.

As a bonus, this book provides you with an insightful questionnaire for you and others to review your proposal.

"Sounds interesting, but I don't know. There are a lot of good books out there."

Reviewer-Focused Grant Writing is one of them, and it's affordable. If you still need more convincing, scroll up and download a free sample! Or, you can even "Look Inside" the book.

You won't regret adding Reviewer-Focused Grant Writing to your collection. Act now!

P.S. The introductory offer will end soon. Get it today!

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4 September
Barrett T. Vaughan
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