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Sophie is getting used to the idea of being Alex Carey's girlfriend, especially when it comes to the things that happen behind closed doors. She's falling in love with him, but doesn't know if he feels the same way. When Sophie is kidnapped in broad daylight, trapped with no way to escape, will Alex Carey come to find her, despite the fact that he has a business trip scheduled worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

This 8,500 word story is the fifth installment in the romance between Sophie and the billionaire Alex Carey. If you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, you'll love this series. Here's a sample of what to expect:

When she was ready, she went into Alex’s office, where he was hard at work comparing spreadsheets. He smiled when he noticed who it was, motioning her over. “Hey Sophie, how are you doing?” he asked, sitting her down on his lap and lightly touching the diamond choker she wore, a constant reminder of his ownership of her. Sophie giggled as he felt her up, tingles running through her.

“Oh I’m definitely good, thanks” she replied. “I’ve booked us on the 8:10, first class direct to Frankfurt tomorrow morning, and I’ve just got to go pick up your suit now.”

Alex played around with Sophie on his lap for a bit, running his hands along her body, up her skirt towards her pussy. Sophie let out a small moan as he turned her on.

Sophie blushed as she thought about what would happen if anyone walked in on them now, Sophie on Alex’s lap, her skirt hiked up, exposed for everyone to see.

13 May
Diamond Star Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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