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“You’re sure you want to be tied up?” Stride asked. Maybe he’d learned his lesson from the earlier scandal. Maybe he no longer had the same influence to protect him. Or, maybe, he was just doing this for show, until he had Dawes secured to the bed.
I really wished she hadn’t talked about getting tied up. There was plenty of other BDSM kinks that they could get into, but Dawes had decided on that one. Okay, it was a definite draw for Stride, a way to make him trust her. But she still shouldn’t have done that.
But she was there and I wasn’t.
“Tied up and used,” Dawes said. “However my body can please you, do it.”

Evie is finally enjoying her work again. Evie—aka the seductive burglar known as the Wolf—still has to take down the man trying to frame her, the man attacking her lovers to get to her, but she just enjoyed sleeping with her adversary's wife. Of course, events can never be that simple, and that's when another assassin strikes, in the middle of New York City.

And even if she can get through this assassin, she still has to infiltrate her adversary's home, unlock his safe, and steal his secrets. A task all the more difficult because her adversary knows Evie intimately, just as Evie knows his wife intimately. If she has no other options, she will make whatever sacrifices are necessary to put her adversary down.

Fortunately, the Wolf's allies, a pair of detectives who also know the power of sex in their line of work, aren't so well known. So Dawes will infiltrate their adversary's—seducing him—and then grab all the data that will reveal his criminal intentions. With luck, a little training on the other side of the law, and Dawes can get in and out without being noticed.

Of course, their adversary isn't going to go down with a fight. He has a surprise waiting for them when they return jubilant from their heist.

Warning: contains explicit descriptions of adult behavior.

Old Lovers is part 5, following Illicit Art, Detective, Seduced, Fun in the Den, and Earning Her Keep of The Wolf in the Sheep’s Den a novel to be serialized weekly. The Wolf previously appeared in another standalone novel, The Wolf, Seductive Burglar.

Fiction & Literature
13 July
A.S. Peavey
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